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Luxury in the capital: How you can get the look of one of London’s premier properties

London is well-known for being one of the most stylish cities in the world, and plenty of people around the world aspire to make their home in one of its exclusive neighbourhoods. Whether you live in London or not, it’s a great place to get luxury style ideas, and what better place to take inspiration from than a penthouse apartment in one of the capital’s most highly sought-after locations? Here we’ll be looking at The Penthouse, a no-holds-barred luxury apartment with stunning views of St James’s Park and the London skyline, which is currently on the market with Savills. Take some of The Penthouse’s decadent style home with you by following these three tips:


Hall of mirrors

You’ll notice that a lot of mirrored surfaces are incorporated into The Penthouse’s interior design, and while the luxury London apartment doesn’t need any help in the size department, it’s a well-known fact that mirrors can make a space look much bigger. Create an optical illusion in your home with elegant mirrors and chrome-effect accessories. Combine with a variety of textures like silk or suede cushions and faux-fur throws to keep it interesting.



Park life

Not every home benefits from having St James’s Park as its back garden, but even if you don’t have a beautiful view or garden you can still bring the natural world into your home. Floral and botanical prints are a huge trend this year, so why not take the opportunity to brighten up your interior décor with some floral or leaf-print wallpaper? Our personal favourite is the classic William Morris design of swirling vines and flowers. If patterned wallpaper is too busy for your taste you can still take on the trend with some printed cushions and – of course – some real house plants.


White out

Looking at the images of The Penthouse, you’ll see that nearly every room is painted in a palette of very neutral colours, from bright white to shades of grey and taupe. The great thing about neutral colours is that they never go out of fashion and they’re ideal for creating a look of understated elegance. If you want to bring a neutral colour palette to your home, avoid sticking to one colour as this can look quite severe. Instead, opt for a range of tonal shades like white, cream, brown and grey – you can even add in accents of other colours that work with the palette like shades of plum and navy blue.

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Get to Know SJP in 73 Questions and a Sneak Peak at her Home

Well, that post title is a mouth full and so is this delightful video from the fine folks at Vogue.  This interview is quick and quirky and a great way to meet Sarah Jessica Parker with 73 questions in 5 minutes and 34 seconds… simply adorable.

Credit: Vogue

Credit: Vogue


Love her reaction where he asks if she prefers heels vs. flats.  Also for us design enthusiasts, you get a great sneak peak into her home.  There is a ping pong table in the middle of the living room, loved the gold lamp in the entranceway, and the large windows of the townhome are exquisite.

Also, check out the amazing new line from Sarah Jessica Parker called SJP sold exlusively at NORDSTROM… can you say gorgeous!icon

Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker | Director: Joe Sabia
Director of Photography: Vincent Peone | Production Company: Original Media
All other credits:


Slim Aarons on Sale at One Kings Lane

I’m in love love love with Slim Aarons photography and lucky us, they are currently at One Kings Lane at 50% the regular prices, that’s a real steal!

About Slim Aarons

Slim Aarons worked mainly for society publications, taking pictures of the rich and famous. His subject matter covered American and European society as well as nobility and both minor and major stars of the day.

My favorites are….

Poolside Glamour 1970

{Poolside Glamour, 1970}

Slim Aarons, Desert House Party

{Slim Aarons, Desert House Party}

Slim Aarons, Fashion Show Diners

{Slim Aarons, Fashion Show Diners}

Slim Aarons, In Palm Beach

{Slim Aarons, In Palm Beach}

Slim Aarons, Cavanaghs

{Slim Aarons, Cavanagh’s }

Slim Aarons, Beverly Hills Hotel Cars

{Slim Aarons, Beverly Hills Hotel Cars}

There are many more art prints to choose from, even Stamped Editions.  Hope you find something special.


Latest Art Finds at

Another favorite place of mine to find art is at Minted’s Limited Edition Art Prints.  Always a nice eclectic collection of art prints from many talented artists.  The best part, they are very affordable and I love the fact they come in super large size prints, I’m all over the large art prints at the moment.  Here are some of my favorite art prints:


{Off the Grid Art Prints}


{Construction Art Prints}


{Market Theatre Photo Art Prints}


{Tear Drop in my Soul Art Prints}

Looking for more?  Find a large selection here: Minted’s Limited Edition Art Prints and I hope you find some new pieces to decorate your home.


Domino Magazine – Spring 2014 Issue… It’s Here!

Oh happy day! I was shopping early Saturday morning and stopped into one of my favorite bookstores and there it was, staring at me in all its pink glory… the newest issue from Domino Magazine for Spring 2014.  This issue is all about color and what a spectacular spread. It’s seriously one of their best […]


Significant Rise in Chartering

Yacht chartering has started to rise in popularity recently, with a surge of interest coming from Eastern countries such as China and Russia. Chartering has always been popular within Europe and the United States, however, the practice is now favoured worldwide. As well as broadening its popularity all over the globe, yacht chartering is beginning […]


{Video} Finding Affordable Fine Art

I’m always looking for art inspiration and I found this video that discusses affordable art and the art of collecting photography.  The show location looks amazing, I wish I lived in the area to attend it, it looks really interesting.


{Covet} kate spade new york Dinnerware – Castle Peak Collection

I’m adoring this collection of dinnerware and other objects from Kate Spade New York.  I saw it displayed so elegantly on the beautiful blog 100 Layer Cake and I instantly fell in love… yes I do that easily when it comes to beautiful décor pieces. {Image Credit: 100 Layer Cake – They did an amazing […]