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{Blog} Holley & Gill

I think I’ve found my online blogging decor bff’s, everything I’ve found on this blog I absolutely luv!!!   Holley & Gill is the blog name and they’re Canadian too, how lovely.  I discovered their blog via twitter the other day and it was instant blog luv.


Holley & Gill is a Montreal based design office led by Conrad Buck and Michelle Carangi. Buck and Carangi bring together two distinct approaches and disciplines to their work. While Carangi’s artistic work is strongly influenced by her fine arts background amalgamated with modern design, Buck’s work is driven by product development, marketing and branding.Together, this partnership forms the solid basis that is Holley & Gill.

Here are just a sample of the recent amazing posts:

From Art in Architecture, isn’t this beautiful.  It’s always been my dream to own a home similar to this with the garden in the middle, so very zen.

I think their post Are you practical in your style? is oh-so-clever.  Yes I’m one of those people who would buy something more for it’s beauty than it’s practicality.  If it adds that special something to my decor, I would definitely add it, whether it’s practical or not.  It’s the same thing as buying that gorgeous pair of shoes that make your outfit but may not be the most comfortable shoes to wear.

They also sell beautifully made head boards via their Etsy shop, displayed below is their headboard called  “Beaux Reves” in dark brown and ivory, it means “sweet dreams”.

That’s just a minuscule sample, there is so much more to discover.  I’ve added them to my official blogroll, this site is a definite keeper!

{Image Credits: Holley & Gill, please see blog posts for respective photo credits}