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{Online Magazine} Lonny September 2013

I was so excited to see in my inbox today an email letting me know the September 2013 issue of Lonny Magazine was now available.  There is so much good in this issue that what I’m about to reveal below is just the icing on the cake.



Doonan & Adler



Shop the look: Sunburst Mirror {Similar}




Shop the Look: Chevron Throw {Actual & Similar}


Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Doonan-Adler-5 Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Doonan-Adler-6

Shop the Look {Similar}



The above is one of my favorite wallpapers.  I have a piece framed and on the top of a bookshelf… it’s been there for years now and I still love it.

Get the Look:



Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Doonan-Adler-8 Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Doonan-Adler-9

{Photography: Zach Desart}

Jenni Kayne

Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Jenni-Kayne-1 Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Jenni-Kayne-2 Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Jenni-Kayne-3 Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Jenni-Kayne-4

 {Photography: Jessica Sample}

Jacqui Getty

Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Jacqui-Getty-1 Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Jacqui-Getty-2 Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Jacqui-Getty-3 Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Jacqui-Getty-4 Lonny-Magazine-Sept-2013-Jacqui-Getty-5

{Photography: Coral von Zumwalt}


Check out the entire September issue, it’s simply marvelous.

{Image Credit: Lonny Magazine}


{Coveted} Gold Sea Urchins

Yes, that’s right… Gold Sea Urchins… and they are just fabulous.  I’ve been dying to get my hands on these babies.  I’ve seen them displayed in many photos online and in home decor and design magazines.  I found mine at the lovely online store called Number Four ElevenNumber Four Eleven have a very nice range of home decor products and accessories for the modern home.

These beauties can be displayed on bookshelves, coffee tables, end tables and even your wall.  The set comes with three pieces: small, medium and large.

A chic accessory isn’t it!


Here is a creative way to decorate with this modern accessory:


Add glamour to your books, just that extra touch was all these books needed!


And my favorite, here they are displayed at their best, designed by Amy Morris:


And the second photo:


And there you have it, the perfect decor accessory to add that touch of glam to your decor.

ShopNumber Four Eleven


Geometric Wallpaper Heaven

I’m so very happy these days of the options we have for wallpaper, the variety is amazing.  I’m currently perusing the and found this gorgeous wallpaper called Brewster Home Fashions Ink Octagon Wallpaper which I’ve been dying to get my hands on all and finally broke down and it’s now on its way. Mind you I live in a rental and have no idea where I’m going to put it just yet… but that’s the fun part of decorating.  Wherever I do decide to add it, it will be fabulous.

Every time I see this wallpaper, I’m instantly gravitationally pulled towards it.  I’m extremely fond of the light grey background that resembles linen with the bold geometric pattern interlaced on top… I really can’t wait to see it in real life.  It’s the perfect wallpaper to add that touch of glam to any space.


The wallpaper can be used as a feature wall in a dining room with a large light black shade to add that touch of hollywood glam, like this Tech Lighting Mini Mulberry 2 Light Monorail Pendant.

Another idea would be to use in an entranceway with a sleek console table with two lamps, books and accessories.  This table from Blu Dot is a nice option with its clean lines and cubix structure.

Add two of these gorgeous Robert Abbey Jonathan Adler Capri Tall Table Lamp in White on each end.

Now stack some of your favorite books in the middle with an object on top to finish your vignette.

I luv the abstract playfulness of the ARTERIORS Home Ennis Web Sphere in Polished Nickel, a perfect way to add interest and texture.



{Pattern} The Chevron

Yes, it’s true, I’m currently obsessed with anything and everything with a chevron pattern.  I have always loved the chevron pattern and thankfully I have not tired of it.  I decided to put a lovely collection of all things chevron.  Everything from pillows, throws, stationary and more… now that’s a lot of chevron pattern!



My New Obsession… Watercolor

I don’t know what it is but all of a sudden I’m obsessed with anything that is watercolor, especially abstract watercolor.  I’m in the process of deciding what type of watercolor are I’m going to make myself on a very large canvas for my dining room (I think that’s where I want to put it for now).  I think I’ve decieded on pink (of course), grey, black, white and will be an abract.  I’m looking for all sorts of inspiration and there is so much out there, here are my favorites so far…

Etsy is such a wonderful place to find products from all around the world and at affordable prices.  And the best part, you are supporting artists.  One of my favorite finds is art from Jessica Durrant, she uses some of my favorite colors and also has a lot of beautiful fashion illustrations.  Here is a small selection of my favorites from her Esty Shop:

I also found these beautiful watercolor pillows, they are simply fabulous don’t you think!  A great way to add color and texture to your decor.

Fingerpaint Decorative Pillow Color: Hot Pink

Fingerpaint Decorative Pillow Color: Orange Turquoise

Fingerpaint Decorative Pillow Color: Midnight

You must check out Black Crow Studios website, their watercolors are simply amazing, here is just a taste.


Art Wall Inspiration

I’m currently obsessed with finding art for my walls… I’m in redecorating mode on the cheap at the moment (well actually always) but I’m always looking for inspiration. 

I found this photo below on a newly discovered blog Bazaar of Serendipity and I instantly was attracted to the colors and layout of this wall (Image from Southern Living).  According to La Dolce Vita blog, the images are all from Etsy… my favorite is the fashion profile in the middle in orange.  I especially like the dear heads (I think that’s what they are) placed in and around the art, giving it some visual interest.  In addition, notice how there are different colored frames adding texture and depth.

I found this beauty over at luxe + lillies blog, I wouldn’t use these particular photos but I like the general idea.  A black wall littered with white frame and continued with black and white photography, super slick.  I’ve always wanted to have a black wall but I live in a rental… one day for sure! 

(If you know the source of this image please leave me a comment so I can leave a proper credit, thx).